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 Welcome to the home of Malcolm Books,  This site is under construction, but is working and you can order. Stock will come on slowly, we hope mainly  from April 2018, and hopefully a fair amount by the end of 2020.

 It will for the first time, to bring together a selection of the five different aspects of our stock;    Books    Ephemera    Photographs   Antiques,   Artwork also Unique and or Museum Quality    all on one site

At present the books are mostly from our books listed on abebooks, most of the none books are only listed and able to purchase from here. 

It will include books and other items not on any other site including rare, unique books, ephemera  and photographs not for sale anywhere else. As we strive to find unique items, that are hand written, one off's or now very rare.

Please note / Fake sites; Only buy our books here or on abebooks.com  or .uk etc as some if not all our books listed here and on ABE are offered for sale on other sites with the same description/ images but as they are our own books, this includes rare books and unique one off manuscripts etc. that no one else has. So please beware there are some fake and/or dis-honest websites, who will try to sell items they do not have, and have no right to offer to sell,  If you order from them as they do not have the items, you may lose your payment and may never get the item, or unless they buy it from us first (and their price may be 30% higher than us). We only found out when we were informed another web site also had one of our unique manuscripts, we checked and they were offering ours, same description/ images (with Malcolm Books scan on), but 30% higher price,   so we informed the customer it was our manuscript and if they checked the other site they would see the images all had our "Malcolm Books Scan" on them and sent them an image of another page, They purchased ours. a month later the fake site still had it listed for sale. Some fake sites have been closed down.

  You can only purchase our items with confidence from this site or on malcolm books on abebooks websites. Here you can also purchase items not on abebooks,  like most of the Ephemera, Photographs, Antiques & Artwork that are only here, on their own pages. As we are mainly book dealers, books will mainly go on abe only, so if you only want printed books go to the link below, but if listed here the packing/postage etc. costs may be cheaper here.  

If you pay anywhere else, you will most likely never get the item. At least one site in Eastern Europe has most of our books with a much higher price, so you could pay them, and they may order the item from us (if we still have it, as some still list our sold items) to be sent to you. But you will be paying upto 30% more, with them making the difference. Or they may just keep your payment.


We have sold books & ephemera to many institutions around the world including The Royal Academy, The National Trust (UK & Scotland), the Austrian Folk Museum, Libraries  in the UK, US, Canada & Europe including Birmingham College and Yale University to name just a few.

We have 3 sites all not suitable to the public. The address site is a private property not open to the public as it is mostly old stock packed to the ceiling and designed for storage and just a small section for the web stock. 

With within reason, and by prior arrangement only an item or two can be taken to the Fairs we do. including Adams Antique Fair (the biggest and longest running monthly fair in London ) at The Royal Horticultural Hall, Westminster, The Ephemera Society Fairs , The London Photograph Fairs (in Bloomsbury), they are all in London, and a few local fairs like The Long Melford Book Fair. but please email us 1st as we do not attend every fair. Any item taken to a fair is does not go on show to the public, so the only person to see and purchase it is the person who emailed. 

Shipping rates are not fixed, apart from postage rates from the UK, as costs to many other countries are changing too often. Also we do pack the item well, even though we recycle cardboard and sometimes use polystyrene or plywood for some large items  .. But if an item is very light and does not need special packing the postage the cost will be reduced. If the item is overweight their MAY be a surcharge request.

All items priced over 200 will be sent via courier ( mostly UPS) at no extra cost, so an item with a cost price over 200, just pay economy shipping and it will be sent via courier at no extra cost.

 PLEASE NOTE ; due to the site being new and the system, most scans of books listed are only available to see at, as are newer book listings only.



 Please read our description carefully before ordering, if your are not sure please email and ask before ordering, 

Any questions, please email, generally the reply will be within 24 hours during weekdays, but can be much longer during weekends.  Thank You.


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