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Law & Legal

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1 An Act to confer further powers on the London and South Western Railway company to provide for a lease to the company undertaking of the North Cornwall Railway Company
Houses of Parliament 1913 First Edition Paperback 22.5 x 34.5cm Approx 
47 + iii pages, condition mostly very good, minor foxing/dirt to 1st 3 & last 3 pages, folded down middle & a couple of corner tip folds. A Government Act as issued without binding/covers Includes power to close roads to be diverted, power to divert roads and pathways, underpinning of houses near widening, power to dredge river Thames, compulsory purchase, power to enter property to survey and value etc. etc. Due to large size will be sent in a strong tube. 
Price: 18.00 GBP
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Accra Government Printing Department 1953 First Edition 15.5 x 24.5cm.approx 
74 pages, original paper covers fair/detached,.. Contents Good & Clean with exception of "Chatham House Library" stamps to front pages only ... also will be sent 2 tatty Gold Coast Government printed letter/document ,one 1953 re enquiry to above and onother of 1955 re statement on commission on Native Courts..............Postage will be reduced to UK & EU £1,, all other inc US £2. 
Price: 20.00 GBP
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3 Memoire pour Dame Barbara Janssen, Veuve Bladen Angloife; Contre les sieurs & demoiselle Broussard; Et contre le Directeur General des domaines du Roi. & Observations a joindre au memoire de la Dame V Bladen. Et pour servir de Replique a la Plaidoierie De
Louis Cellot 1781 First Edition Good 20 x 24.5cm Approx 
31 x 9 pages. Both bound together by original? Cord. Condition, good clear printing, minor ageing, a few pencil notes, some minor foxing, minor edge nicks, corner/edge folding. Please note I do not read French, seems to be a legal document regarding inheritance. Please see all scans that you can enlarge and read. Both printed by De l'Imprimerie De Louis Cellot, rue Dauphine, & Both Monsieur Seguir, advocat general,,, Me Target, advocat & D'Orgemont, procureur. From net: Dame Barbara Janssen Bladen First Lady of Maryland, 1742-1746/47, born 1705 - c1773. Father was Sir Theodore Janssen of Wimbledon, 1st Baronet (c. 1658 - 1748) was a French-born English financier and Member of Parliament who after a long and successful career in commerce was ruined and disgraced by his part in the South Sea Bubble. Husband was Sir Thomas Bladen (1698 - 1780) was a politician and colonial governor. He served as Governor of Maryland from 1742 to 1747. He travelled early to England, where he was educated and where in 1737 he married Barbara Janssen, the daughter of Sir Theodore Janssen, 1st Baronet, and Williamza, who was also the sister-in-law of Charles Calvert, 5th Baron Baltimoreand Proprietor of the Province. and aunt to Caroline Calvert Eden wife of Governor Sir Robert Eden, 1st Baronet, of Maryland In England, he was a Member of Parliament 1727 to 1741. In 1742, he returned to Maryland as provincial Governor, the first governor to be born in the Province. But became an unpopular Governor and was dismissed from office by October 1746 . He returned to England in 1746, and died in England in 1780.They had three daughters. She is credited with being the first person to make ice cream in the American colonies. From a quick net check was unable to find another copy anywhere, in fact either find any information on the net about this document. 
Price: 250.00 GBP
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4 The Act of Incorporation of the Society for Clothing, Maintaining, and Educating POOR ORPHANS of CLERGYMEN of the Established Church.
London 1st Edition in This Form 14 x 21.5cm Approx 
9 pages, undated in small form this 1809 act is undating the 1749 act. ,Binding embossed red buckram & gilt embossed title Good condition with just a couple of minor marks, . Contents fair/good , paper pages good with underling & notes in inks & pencil .. as in similar binding ( but in red) to the 1841 & 1842 a/c's also on my ABE, & may be published and/or bound around 1841/2 . 
Price: 20.00 GBP
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5 The Cabinet Lawyer, Or Popular Digest Of The Laws Of England, & Dicionary of Law Terms Etc. Etc.
London W. Simpkin and R. Marshall 1830 Sixth 9 x 15cm Approx 
676 pages + xxvii front, Leather Binding, Raised Bands. Book Condition: Binding Fair with some splitting at rear of spine, Contents Fair/Good. Most pages good & clear, with the odd folded corner, or rare minor mark, lacks rear endpaper & poss. publishers book list? .so rear contents detached from binding. 6th Edition. A Simplified Version Of The Laws Of England, & various extra info. Inc Dictionary of Law Terms, correct tables of assessed taxes, stamp duties , Turnpike Laws, Corn Laws, etc. etc.. Title to the decorative spine. 
Price: 35.00 GBP
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6 The County Council Times & Local Government Review with which is incorporated The District and Parish County Councils' Advertiser and The Councils' Gazette , Vol. XXX. July to Dec 1903
London The St. Bride's Press 1903 First Edition Hard Back Very Good 22 x 30.5cm. Aprox 
Supplement Title page + 5 page index + Supplement Title + 6 page Special index of council meetings. + 504 pages. Condition; Binding Very Good, minor edge rubbing, small corner tip knocks. Contents mostly Very good, clean & tight, all pages paper aged/browned. Did not notice any inscriptions etc. This is a bound volume of half a years copies of a very rare weekly magazine for local councils, with some interesting adverts (see scans).Also the 2 supplement indexes bound in at front. Tiny label inside cover of binder "W. S. Cowell, Ltd. Ipswich". This year is Historically important due to the new 1903 Motor-Car act of Parliament and it's consequences for Local Councils like in Letters, one about being dismayed at removal of the speed limit for Motor-Cars & suggesting a night speed limit or a report on the "Automobile Club" Motor -Car trials at Crystal Palace, also Motor Transport for goods, & the Circular from government to all councils re details of the new Motor-Car Act. Also includes news on local laws, weights & measure, Animal Diseases, Imbecile or Feeble minded paupers, Small Pox in Germany, Council meetings, Lady health visitors, London Epileptic Colony, New Motor Car Bill & lots more on Motor Vehicles, Education, Rivers, new council appointments, each week is news from a few councils & lots more. This is a large heavy Book weight with packing over 2kg (4 ½ lbs), so postal surcharge outside UK. 
Price: 150.00 GBP
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7 The Franciska 1854-55 Northgate against Douglas; Trial Proceedings in the High Court of Admiralty before Doctor Lushington, December 20th 1854, January 27th 1855 (test case naval blockade of Golf of Riga, war with Russia) .
1855 1st Edition in This Form Unbound Good 15 x 24cm Approx 
81 pages, looks complete .Pages 350-431 taken from a larger document, Condition good, clean & tight, minor edge nicks to front/1st page. This was a test case Regarding the naval blockade of the Golf of Riga, during the war with Russia, when "The Franciska" breached the blockade. for condemnation of Prize. 
Price: 25.00 GBP
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8 The Permanent Court of international Justice at the Hague 1939
Holland Registry of The Permanent Court of international Justice printed by A. W. Sijthoff's 1939 First Edition Original Paperback Good 13.5 x 18cm Approx 
137 pages + info page rear + un-numbered pages of photographic illustrations. Original embossed Paperback covers designed by Jose M. Sert is in good condition with some folding & minor dirt rear protected in roughcut clear cellophane covers. Contents mostly good, clean & tight, has few corner tip folds & a couple of stamps of The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House Library, also inside cover is the lending sheet, no dates, so it has not been lent., Just rubber stamped "Chatham House Cancelled". Printed to cover "Issued by Registry of The Court" & " Leiden (Holland) A. W. Sijthoff's Publishing Co." But printed rear is "Printed by A. W. Sijthoff's Publishing Company at Leydon (Netherlands)" & at base "Issued in March 1939 by the Registry of The Permanent Court of international Justice" Very rare as WWII started that year and the court officials moved to Switzerland for safety. Please note this NOT a modern copy, as at time of listing that all I could find for sale were modern. Printed in Red & Black text & all English Text. 
Price: 50.00 GBP
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9 The Queen against Robert Pate; Trial of Robert Pate, at the Central Criminal Court, for assaulting The Queen 11th July 1850
1st Edition in This Form Unbound Very Good 15 x 24cm Approx 
52 pages (2 numbered pages to each page, so actually 26 page) unbound, cut from ?, with cut marks to edge of 1st 6 pages. Contents Very good, clean & tight. This is very interesting historical document as it gives a background of Pate as stated in court and his erratic/strange lifestyle. And the witnesses statements and cross examination given in court. The Queen had visited Cambridge House in Piccadilly on 27 June 1850, in order to see her dying uncle, Prince Adolphus, At about 6:20pm, her carriage was leaving the courtyard when Robert Pate, formerly an officer in the British Army, beat her quite forcibly on the head with a walking stick/ cane that he was carrying. He was immediately arrested and was quickly put on trial. He plead insanity, the judges found him sane. Pate was given the maximum sentence, 7 years of penal transportation. In August 1850, Robert Pate was sent to Van Diemen's Land, which is today known as Tasmania. Pate served his 7 years of penal servitude, during which he may have accumulated riches, possibly gold. He returned to England, and his wife, in early 1860. This item is Not dated, but printed postscript rear states it appears from home office papers he served his time as not listed in convicts who died between 1854-7. so most likely printed 1858-1860. 
Price: 25.00 GBP
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10 The Queen against Simon Bernard 1858 Trial of Simon Bernard (for his involvement in the 1858 plot with Felice Orsini to assassinate Napoleon III in Paris).
1st Edition in This Form Unbound Very Good 15 x 24cm Approx 
178 pages (numbered 887 to 1064, so 178 pages, but as 2 pages to each page is 89 actual pages). Unbound, contents very good, clean & tight, edge damage to 1st & last page. Historically interesting. It is for his involvement in the 1858 plot to assassinate Napoleon III in Paris. and gives a background of the case as stated in court. And the bombs used were made in England by gunsmith Joseph Taylor and tested in Sheffield and Devonshire, also the witnesses statements and cross examination given in court. Not sure if complete or lacking some notes at rear. Simon François Bernard (1817-1862) was a French surgeon and republican revolutionary. He is best known for his involvement in the 1858 plot of Felice Orsini to assassinate Napoleon III. Bernard was a Fourierist. He was given a state trial in England, and was defended by Edwin John James and Henry Hawkins; and was sensationally acquitted. He had opted for a completely English jury, and his defence council's rhetoric outweighed the summing-up of the judge, which tended towards a conviction. At the end of 1857, Orsini briefly visited England, where he contacted gunsmith Joseph Taylor and asked him to make six copies of a bomb of Orsini's own design; it would explode on impact and used fulminate of mercury as an explosive. The bomb was tested in Sheffield and Devonshire with the aid of French radical Simon Bernard. Satisfied, Orsini returned to Paris with the bombs and contacted other conspirators, Giuseppe Pieri, Antonio Gomez and Carlo di Rudio (later changed to Charles DeRudio). On the evening of 14 January 1858, as the Emperor and Empress were on their way to the theatre in the Rue Le Peletier, the precursor of the Opera Garnier, to see Rossini's William Tell, Orsini and his accomplices threw three bombs at the imperial carriage. The first bomb landed among the horsemen in front of the carriage. The second bomb wounded the animals and smashed the carriage glass. The third bomb landed under the carriage and seriously wounded a policeman who was hurrying to protect the occupants. Eight people were killed and 142 wounded, though the emperor and empress were unhurt. Napoleon, the first modern European politician, realized that he and Eugénie de Montijo had to proceed to the performance and appear in their box. Orsini himself was wounded on the right temple and stunned. He tended to his wounds and returned to his lodgings, where police found him the next day. Undated printed c1860. 
Price: 35.00 GBP
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11 Archbold, John Fredrick The Law of Landlord and Tenant,
London: Shaw and Sons, 1855 
Second Edition. 4 1/2" x 7 1/2" Approx. RARE book,427 pages + 40 to front +17 page Publishers legal book list of 1857 bound in at rear.This edition contains all requisite Forms, inc Pleadings by and against Landlords and Evidence to support them.in it's Original Brown embossed binding, the spine has been reglued to contents at some time ,original gilt title and price is clear on rippled spine,small ink stain to front. .Contents Generally clean and tight with a couple of early owners names ,rubbed out pencil note to 1st endpaper and a few pencil notes to margins. A very hard book to find these days. 
Price: 85.00 GBP
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12 By the Author of the "Trial of the Rev. Edward Irving, A. M." not Rev. Alexander Fletcher Trial of the Rev. Alexander Fletcher, A.M. Before the Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Sense, and A Special Jury
London Knight and Lacey 1825 First Edition 13 x 20cm Approx 
8 + 111+24 page appendix + hand coloured illustrations. Binding remains of leather spine with gilt title, no covers but marbled end paper covers/binding with ink title to front. In fair condition, starting to split front, minor loss. Contents mostly very good, clean & tight with the odd minor fault, minor corner tip loss to a few pages. The 2 illustrations are in good condition, 1st small edge tear, with minor trimming by printer/ binder. No inscriptions just blind stamp " Memorial and Library Association Westerly RI" ( & 18556 crossed out ). satire about a famous & scandalous 1824 legal trial of the Scottish Presbyterian Rev. Alexander Fletcher, for breach of promise to marry Miss Eliza Dick. 
Price: 125.00 GBP
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13 Clarke, Hall, Compiled by M. St. Clair Clarke & David A. Hall for the United States Congress Cases of Contested Elections in Congress from the year 1789 to 1834
Washington printed by Gales and Seaton for the United States Congress 1834 First Edition Full-Leather a/f 14.5 x 23cm Approx 6.5cm Thick 
1025 pages, Original full tan leather binding, fair, front detached, some loss of spine, some staining. Contents fair, i.e. a good reading copy, lacks front blank end-page, easy to read, about half the pages very good, clean & tight, but there is quiet a few pages with some minor staining of foxing, and a few corner folds. owner name " C. G. Chapman " to a couple of pages inc. Title page As a small but thick & heavy book, there will be surcharge for sending outside the U.K. 
Price: 95.00 GBP
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14 Editors; Sidney G. Lushington, William Mackenzie & C. E. Allen The Justice of the Peace Vol. LXVIII for Jan to Dec 1904
London Richard Shaw Bond 1905 First Edition Quarter -Leather Hard Back Very Good 22 x 28cm Approx 
Half title + Title page + 660 pages including index. Quarter leather binding & mottled hardback in very good condition, inc. good, clear title to spine, some minor rubbing. Contents Very Good, clean & tight, no inscriptions. A complete year of the weekly publication with index. Though covering many subjects/cases, This one is historically interesting for the various laws/cases regarding the Motor Car. Can be collected from fairs I stand in London, Long Melford & Norwich. 7.5 cm thick, so VERY heavy/over 6 kilo with packing, so please email first re postal surcharge. 
Price: 65.00 GBP
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15 Henri, Cochin, Henri (1687-1747) Memoire pour Dame Marie de Lorme de Tencin / La Dame Marie Lorme de Tencin contre Le Sieur de Chasse Au Chatelet Les 13 Aout et 13 Novembre 1728, Oeuvres de feu M. Cochin, e´cuyer, avocat au Parlement : contenant le recueil de ses me´moires consultations.
au-bas du Pont S. Michel De l'imprimerie de la veuve de André Knapen 1736 First Edition Fair 23 x 35cm.approx 
36 pages, Condition Fair, good for age, clearly printed, some dirt front & rear & ageing within (see scans), has a poor/loose later manuscript Title page & Title to front is a later typed copy. All within protective plastic covers. No actual binding, as issued ?. Owner Ink inscription stating purchased in l'Odeon, Paris, June 1968. has other ink page numbers to corners, so has survived due to being bound with many other items, until being split up circa 1968 and sold to an person from London. 1st page full title is ; Memoire pour Dame Marie de Lorme de Tencin, veuve du Sieur Tessier, ancien Conseiller en l'élection de Lyon, légataire universelle de défunte Dame Heleine de Lorme de Tencin sa sœur, veuve en premières noces du Sieur & ayant pafle en fécondes noces avec le Sieur Berger de ChaUe , Brigadier des Armées du Roi , Gouverneur de la Citadelle de Strasbourg. - Contre le sieur de Chasse , appelant , des sentences rendues au Châtelet les i3 août et i3 novembre 1728. From a quick net check, it seems this is about the infamous court case of the Lady Mary Tencin Lorme, widow of Mr Tessier, former Advisor to the election Lyon, sole heir of deceased Heleine Dame de Lorme Tencin his sister in 1728. Was also unable to find another copy listed on the net, just later copies, that did not know exactly when first Published. 
Price: 350.00 GBP
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Tenant's statement of the conduct recently pursued towards him by the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, Correct Report of The Important Trial of an Action Brought by The Right Honorable Rev. Francis North, against Henry Boys, Cathedral trusts & fulfilment., Heseltine, Cooke &  Whiston, i.e  William Heseltine , J. H. Cooke & 2 by  Robert Whiston
16 Heseltine, Cooke & Whiston, i.e William Heseltine , J. H. Cooke & 2 by Robert Whiston Tenant's statement of the conduct recently pursued towards him by the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, Correct Report of The Important Trial of an Action Brought by The Right Honorable Rev. Francis North, against Henry Boys, Cathedral trusts & fulfilment.
Margate, London & Rochester Smith, Elder, & Co., J. Deene, Caddel, Shadbolt & John Oliver 1839 First Edition Third Leather Hardback Very Good 13.5 x 22cm Approx 
4 Very Rare pamphlets bound together in one Binding over 500 pages. Binding is Third leather Very good condition embossed & gilt titled "Pamphlets top,1839 base. Contents over 99% Very good, clean & tight, no foxing inside, very minimal edge ageing of some pages. inside cover is the bookplate of the Writers Library, Farm St. (that does not seem exist today) minimal inscriptions, not within or side of text... 1st is William Heseltine , A Tenant's statement of the conduct recently pursued towards him by the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, on the occasion of his renewing his lease (inc. Evedence of Heseltine before The Commons & Mr. George Austin before Dean/Chapter of Canterbury, ) Pub. Smith, Elder, & Co.,London 1839. Second edition. Title + Preface + 111pages.... 2nd item A Correct Report of The Important Trial of an Action Brought by The Right Honorable and Rev. Francis North, Earl of Guilford, against (his Tenant, ) Henry Boys, Esq. for an Alleged Breach of Covenant, before Lord Chief Justice Tindal, and a Special Jury, at the Maidstone Assizes, on Thursday, the 15th March, 1838. as taken in shorthand by J. H. Cooke. Pub. J. Deene Margate 1838, 70 pages, But contains more. Map (hand coloured) + Tile page + iv + page no.2 to 70 (complete) + extras tipped in, including original newspaper reports & details of crop from 1812-1838 (some loss as edges cut to fit) ….. 3rd by Robert Whiston, Cathedral trusts and their fulfilment. Second edition, Pub. John Oliver, London 1849 Title page + preface + 3 page fold-out +126 pages. … 4th item is Robert Whiston's Cathedral trusts and their fulfilment Forth Edition pub 1850 by Caddel, Shadbolt Rochester & Oliver London Title page + preface of 1st, 2nd & 3rd edions + xxi page preface +193 pages + within 3 page fold-out + Etra; 4 Very rare pamphlets, found no other copies of any for sale, only a few in institutions. 
Price: 450.00 GBP
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The Tryals of Thomas Walcot, William Hone, William Lord Russell, John Rous & William Blagg, for high-treason, for conspiring the death of the King and raising a rebellion in this Kingdom. + letter written to my Lord Russel in Newgate by Tillotson +  More, J. Tillotson, William Lord Russel, Captain Thomas Walcot, John Rouse and William Hone,
17 J. Tillotson, William Lord Russel, Captain Thomas Walcot, John Rouse and William Hone, The Tryals of Thomas Walcot, William Hone, William Lord Russell, John Rous & William Blagg, for high-treason, for conspiring the death of the King and raising a rebellion in this Kingdom. + letter written to my Lord Russel in Newgate by Tillotson + More
London Printed for Richard Royston, Benjamin Took and Charles Mearn, R. Balwin, Thomas Fox, London 1683. 18.5 x 28.5cm £450 BA126/5 1683 First Edition Disbound Fair/good 18.5 x 28.5cm. Approx 
Title + appoint page + 81 pages. + 2 page letter + title page + 4 page Last speech and behaviour of William Late Lord Russel, etc. + 14 page The last speech of Captain Walcot, Jo Rouse and Will Hone,. Full titles of the 2 main items below. All in good condition for age. 4 items all dated 1683 relating to the Rye House Plot, 1st item; Title page + appoint page + 81 pages. The Tryals of Thomas Walcot, William Hone, William Lord Russell, John Rous & William Blagg, for high-treason, for conspiring the death of the King and raising a rebellion in this Kingdom : at the Sessions-House in the Old-Baily London, on a Commission of Oyer and Terminer held there for the city of London and county of Middlesex, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 12, 13 and 14, 1683. ( The principal contemporary account of the trial) to rear of title page Will Prichard, the Mayor of the City of London appoints Richard Royston, Benjamin Took and Charles Mearn and no one else to publish. In good condition for age, some dirt/ ageing and fold to title page, repaired tear to top. Rest in good condition, some ageing and tiny edge nicks to a couple of pages. 2nd item; is a 1683 printed copy of a 2 page “Letter written to my Lord Russel in Newgate the Twentieth of July 1683” by John Tillotson, published by R. Balwin In good condition, a few minor ink dots/marks. 3rd item; Title page + 4 pages, The last speech & behaviour of William Late Lord Russel upon the scaffold in Lincolns-Inne-Fields, a little before his execution, on Saturday, July 21. 1683, being condemned for high-treason in conspiring the death of the King and the subversion of the government, &c., together with the paper delivered by him to the sheriffs, and signed with his own hand. Also The last speeches, behaviour, and prayers of Capt. Thomas Walcot, John Rouse Gent. & William Hone joyner : a little before their execution at Tyburn, on Friday the 20th of July 1683, being condemned for high-treason in conspiring, &c.. In good condition for age, some minor ageing. 4th item: 14 pages, is “The Speeches of Captain walcot, Jo Rouse and Will Hone, on Friday the Twentieth of July 1683” In good condition for age, some ageing. The whole is unbound though all attached together and was once bound, but now all attached together with a latter end page. From a quick net check this is the only copy of the four items for sale together. The principal contemporary account of the trial of the plot's conspirators, leading to the execution of Lord Russell (and Algernon Sydney) and contributing mightily if indirectly to the Revolution and the reform of the English law of treason. With 3 other rare 1683 contemporary items relating to it. Overall in good condition for 1683, some ageing, very light foxing, a few minor listed faults, but no major faults. A rare /possibly unique last chance to ever purchase all 4 original Rye House Plot items together. 
Price: 450.00 GBP
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18 J.H. Balfour Browne, Walter H. MacNamara & Ralph Neville Reports of Cases Decided By the Railway and Canal Commissioners Vol XII
London: Sweet and Maxwell, 1906 
First Edition. 6 1/2" x 8 3/4" Approx. 316 + xvi pages, Original black buckram boards , signs of splitting at spine( spine repaired at some time), tiny surface hole to front , .Contents signs of spine being reglued, one stamp to front of Transport(1910) Ltd Library, 1st endpaper with 2 small tears, From title page to finish, Very good, clean pages and tight . .This volume covers cases frm 1903 to 1906 and among the cases are Bovril v Great Western Railway, Bannatyne & Sons v Great Southern and Western Railway of Ireland, Exeter Railway v Great Western, Lord Rothchild v Grand Junction Canal Company, Spillers and Bakers v Taff Vale Railway. not a big book but weighs a hefty 1kilo/ 2+ lbs, so a small p&p surcharge to cover postage. 
Price: 32.00 GBP
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19 Matthews, E.J.T. ( Edwin James Thomas Matthews ) A Master of the Supreme Court of Judicature & member of the Lord Chancellor's Advisory Committee Legal Assistance for the poor , Comments upon recent proposals ( Private and Confidential)
London unpublished 1969 Unpublished Original Paper Covers Good Privately Printed Not for Sal 21 x 33cm Approx 
20 single sided pages. Light grey paper covers in good condition, some edge /corner folding, scrape to rear. Above Title/Author? & date is written and underlined in ink " Private and Confidential" Contents good, clean & tight. Some corner tip folding and with a few alterations (authors?) . A typed document, possibly for a Member of Parliament / Lords 
Price: 35.00 GBP
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20 McCarthy, Justin McCarthy The Epochs of Modern History: Epoch of Reform 1830-1850
London Longmans Green & Co 1882 First Edition Buckram 11 x 15.5cm Approx 
XV + 210 pages, good original embossed brown binding, gilt title to spine. Contents good tight copy, one owner name & 1885 to top title page, a few pencil notes to side of text. Tidy single stamp of original book supplier/shop. No major faults. The object of book is to give a clear account of changes in political system from Lord Grey's 1st. Reform Bill to death of Sir Robert Peel ( including corruption, the Irish Tithe system, Black & White slavery, women & children mine & factory workers, Corn Laws etc. etc. ). 
Price: 12.00 GBP
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