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Military Army Navy & Airforce

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Military Army Navy & Airforce

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1 Portsmouth Navy Week July 30th to Aug. 1st. 1938. Official Guide & Souvenir
Portsmouth The Navy Week Committee 1938 First Edition Paperback Decorative 18.5 x 25cm Approx 
Condition decorative stapled paperback binding & contents in very good condition, with exception of a few minor corner folds. 72 pages, over 100 b/w illustrations within. colour illustrated front/rear covers. some great period illustrated ads. Historically interesting as WWII started the following year. 
Price: 35.00 GBP
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2 Programme Red Cross Society New Theatre Cambridge 1918
Cambridge 1918 Paperback 19 x 26cm Approx 
8 page programme, Binding Very Good, minor dirt, creasing. Contents fair as has age/damp staining. for 3 plays, The Trials of Mrs. Rule Britannia by Rottenburg, The Twelve-Pound Look by J.M. Barries & Absent-Minded George by Capt. Arthur Spicer. held at the New Theatre in Cambridge on February 12th, 1918 actors include H. Rottenburg, Miss Carrie Unett, Capt. Hon. Owen Buckmaster, Liut. SGK Rapley, Liut. EC Mainwaring, Major S. Cope Morgan. 
Price: 15.00 GBP
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3 The Franciska 1854-55 Northgate against Douglas; Trial Proceedings in the High Court of Admiralty before Doctor Lushington, December 20th 1854, January 27th 1855 (test case naval blockade of Golf of Riga, war with Russia) .
1855 1st Edition in This Form Unbound Good 15 x 24cm Approx 
81 pages, looks complete .Pages 350-431 taken from a larger document, Condition good, clean & tight, minor edge nicks to front/1st page. This was a test case Regarding the naval blockade of the Golf of Riga, during the war with Russia, when "The Franciska" breached the blockade. for condemnation of Prize. 
Price: 25.00 GBP
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4 Anon of the Radio Times of the British Forces Station operating in Northern Italy 12th May 1945, vol 1 No 7, The VE Number (and last edition)
Occupied Italy Anon/ The Overseas recorded Broadcasting Service 1945 First Edition Paperback Decorative Very Good 17.5 x 25cm. Approx 
12 pages inc. covers, Condition very good, very minor corner tip folds, minor dirt, no inscriptions, Front cover illustration by Maurice Hall. Contains the radio programmes for 13 -16th May 1945, Text includes "with extract from The King's speech", "Churchill's speech", "The end of the war in Europe by Watome" & "Release from the Army" List/times of programmes includes, mentions to Billy Cotton, Larry Adler, half hour with Jimmy & Tommy Dorsey, Sam Costa, Glen Miller, Kay Kyser, Bernard Miles, Cricket from Lords England v Australia, entertainment & news for the Indian Forces & lots more inc. news. Last item At (on rear page/cover) is " This is the last Radio Times of the present series, we hope to be back with you soon, meantime, Happy listening and don't forget to write! " . Very rare. 
Price: 30.00 GBP
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5 Anon / Starboard Thomas Starboard ( Tom Starboard ) The Sailor's Magazine and Naval Miscellany
Poss London 1820 First Edition 14 x 22 Cm approx 
478 + 4 pages. 12 monthly issues bound as one, in newish quarter leather boards VG just very minor rubbing to front, Contents 99% very good , a couple of small tears/ a few folds/. no Title page , 4 pages at front are 2 of The address to the Christian Public, & 2 An address to Sailors, ending with Your friend Tom Starboard. Then the 12 monthly parts January to December, Page No 1 to 478 it looks like there may have been a page or two more , but as i was unable to find another copy anywhere i'm not sure. Overtly theological with numerous items of sailors religious stories on and off ships inc 18th cent, and letters ,voyage to America in parts, as is very Theological i'm not sure if many sailors would want to buy it in 1820 so may have been the only year published *** i purchased it with book ref 000478 The Soldier's Magazine and Naval Chronacle of 1829 pub. Wakefield, by late editor of the Sailors Magazine, so he had another try but even that seems to be unknown and could not find another copy anywhere ,let alone on sale) 
Price: 225.00 GBP
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6 Anon / Thomas ( Tom ) Starboard The Soldier's Magazine and Navel Cronicle Vols 1 & 2 Bound Together
London W. K. Wakefield 1828 First Edition 14 x 22 Cm approx 
First Edition. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" Approx. VERY RARE Tome comprising a book, 521pages of the 1st. 24 issues of The Soldier's Magazine .after Title page , is Vol 1- No.1 January 1828 ( to December) 228pages then Vol 2 -No.1 January 1829 (to Dec.) 284 page then 8 page list of contents of Vol.ll,..Condition generally very good Original 1/4 leather & mottled boards, minor rubbing.contents vey good ( with minor faults of staining/slight loss to end-pages only) a good/tight book with very minimal sign's of use. NO inscriptions .The title page states "The Soldier's and Sailors Magazine" ( and Sailor's has been crossed out as it was a printing mistake). NO named Author but "conducted by the late editor of the sailor's magazine." who would appear to be Tom Starboard , and therefore overtly theological, so may have been why i could not find another copy anywhere, let alone for sale. the Vol 1 -- 1828 ( but contains vol 1 & Vol.2 1828 &1829)and sold by W.Sams bookseller to the King and others.contains lots of details inc. a breakdown of the costs of the Army.Possibly Unique as the National Army Museum has not heard of it and it's not listed in Fredrick Lake's 4 vol set on the British Army journals/publications, or in British Lib site. So the magazine may have only lasted the 2 years contained in this tome !!!!! ( see also my book 000612 the Sailor's Magazine for all of 1820 ) 
Price: 300.00 GBP
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7 Anon ; Prob. John Perceval 2nd Earl of Egmont Things as They are
London S. Hooper , A. Morley, G. Woodfall, J. Staples 1758 First Edition 13 x 21cm Approx 
112 pages + postcript page, rear + 3 page list of books lately published by S. Cooper, and Co.,at rear ...in a recent Hardback Binding of blue boards with title to front in Very Good condition (only fault is title date to cover crossed out & correct date written in pencil ).... Contents Very Good ,clean & tight, page 11 with small irregular hole near base ( belowr text ) , possible due to mistake in the manufacture of the hand made paper 250 years ago.. NO major faults ..... A Great Political Phamphlet with detailed information on politics and war inc. France and European leaders & how others saw it, naming names or initials and what might Britain do or cause , nothing much on the U.S. but on page 4 is " forced into present war with France. Stabbed at in her vitals in America " & a great damming peice on Duke of Marlborough and how he completely mishandled the French at the end of the war. Very rare item, no author is given in book but listed by British Library as John Percival 2nd Earl of Egmont . 
Price: 80.00 GBP
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8 Anon, articles by Jarche, The Countess of Listowel. & others Illustrated , Nov 15th 1941, Every Wednesday 3d (inc. Fighting Women of Russia by Lady Listowel & Warrior of a Brave British Army )
London Odhams Press Limited 1941 First Edition Paperback Decorative Magazine 26 x 30.5cm Approx. 
28 pages inc. covers, Covers & contents fair/good. generally good with some minor dirt and some folded pages. Rare edition published during the 2nd world war. lots of illustrations throughout, articles inc. 5 pages on Warrior of a Brave British Army (primitive "British" soldiers in Torit , Sudan, photos & story by Jarche, photographs of native soldiers, some with Guns, some with bows & arrows or spears). Flooding in Somerset. part 1of Photo/story U.S Boy meets girl ( U.S. army boy Robert L. Ames meets local Bornmouth girl "Mickey" McCullen ). The Backyard Barnstormers ( adults & children at the Magpie Hall Lane Theatre in Bromley). The Ruined Nation (Spain). Starving Children in Ruins (Spain). Fighting Women of Russia by The Countess of Listowel. Prime Minister U. Saw ( of Burma). also some interesting wartime adverts. 
Price: 25.00 GBP
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9 Anon, French Government Official papers, Relative to the Preliminaries of London and the Treaty of Amiens, published at Paris by authority of the French government.
London Printed for J. Debrett ,: Printed by A. Wilson 1803 First Edition Paperback 13 x 21cm Approx 
2 Phamphlets issued as one, No binding, as issued? Paperback. Title Page +74 +111 pages. i.e. Part I. Preliminaries of London (Oct. 1, 1801 - )74 pages & Part II. Treaty of Amiens, (27 March, 1802).& Additional Papers 111 pages. The Peace of Amiens brought a temporary peace to the Napoleonic Wars , with reference to Malta & in the New World. Very rare document. Condition Fair/Good , minor dirt to front/rear page/cover. Contents Good, clear a few pages front detached, minor corner folding, only inscriptions being numbers to front. 
Price: 350.00 GBP
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10 Anon, stories & poems by various inc. one by "Sapper" The Dagger or London in the line ( The Magazine of the 56th (London) Division) No. 1, November 1918
London Printed by Spottiswoode Ballantyne 1918 First Edition Original Paperback Fair 19 x 25cm Approx 
32 pages + viii ( pages of adverts). Paperback binding, Fair, edge nicks, tear, dirt etc. Contents Fair, minor water staining & some edge nick/dirt etc. This is the 1st one, published quarterly, with price of 1 Fr, as one Franc, for sale to troops of the 56th Reg in France. From the net found out is was The Magazine of the 56th (London) Division. Cover designed by E.L. Wratten. No publisher or editor given, Articles include Forward by G.O.C., editorial mentions the 56th Division on 28th March assisted to reulse the German attack north of Sarpe, various others last 29th Aug. by a daring operation the 56th & 57th divisions captured Bullecourt and Hendecourt- Lez- Cagnicourt. Etc., poetry, details/history of Arras, article titled The Artillery, Richochets, Ginger, Imperial Britain, Army Cooking, The Charm of London, Sport, The Gunners' Salute, The port of Zillebeke, The spirit of a Division, songs, Various illustrations/ cartoons throughout, Last text page is titled Why I am a Pelmanist by "Sapper. Including why he took up Pelmanism. From the net, found out they were alsol for sale in the London, but not sure if that was for later editions, or if London editions were priced in UK currency. Very Rare. At time of listing could not find another for sale. 
Price: 35.00 GBP
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Expeditio Militaris Addisoniana: Poema Duci De Marlborough Inscriptum ,  ( The Campaign,  a Poem to his Grace the Duke of Marlborough &c.) Latinè reddidit, T.G., anon, T.G. ,     Addison,    Joseph Addison 1672-1719
11 anon, T.G. , Addison, Joseph Addison 1672-1719 Expeditio Militaris Addisoniana: Poema Duci De Marlborough Inscriptum , ( The Campaign, a Poem to his Grace the Duke of Marlborough &c.) Latinè reddidit, T.G.
London Non Given, printed by R.G. 1808 First Edition Paperback 13.5 x 20.5cm Approx 
75 page paper Pamphlet, Latin & English text. Latin Title page then The Latin and English poetry text are on facing pages. Front/rear poor with minor loss, Contents good clear printing, the odd minor fault ( some odd minor stains, edge dirt etc.). actually has 73 pages & Starts at the title page, so may have had a half title front page? from a quick net check 1st printed in 1705 though did not find one listed in any library inc. BL. So at time of listing this is the earliest edition for sale. This one is printed & published anonymously , later Joseph Addison added his name, In fact the author published under various names, i.e. Addison, J Addison, Addison Steel, Jodeph Addison to name a few. 
Price: 450.00 GBP
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12 Anton, Charles of Columbia College New York & Grammer School Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic War and The First Book of The Greek Paraphrase : with English notes, critical and explanatory, plans of Battle, seiges, etc.,and Historical, Geographical, and Archaeological Indexes
New York Harper & Brothers 1839 11 x 18cm. Approx A. J. Mason 
493 pages + xviii front + 13 pages rear of publishers ads, lacks spine & front cover & map of France, contains all other illustrations .The illustration of Caesar detached, some folded corner tips & has scattered water staining, some pencil notes & owners name to title page of Thos A Crimmina . text English, Latin & Greek a good reading copy 
Price: 25.00 GBP
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13 Burn, Michael Burn Turned Towards the Sun : An Autobiography
Norwich Michael Russell 2003 0859552802 / 9780859552806 First Edition Hard Back Almost Mint Very Good 16 x 24cm Approx 
320 pages, Dust Jacket, unclipped / complete Very Good (no tears), Red binding Mint, Contents mint. Autobiography of Michael Burn, from Winchester, to Oxford & 1933 went to Germany to check out Socialism, met Hitler, was shown Dachau concentration camp, etc. then disenchanted returned to UK & joined The Times newspaper, joined the TA, later volunteered for the commandos, was on the raid on St Nazaire winning the MC, later he was taken prisoner, sent to Colditz. After the war had an career as a foreign correspondent, being one the only ones to become friends with Soviet journalists. And so much more. 
Price: 200.00 GBP
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14 Buxton, Michael Auriol 1914-1990 Service at Sea, with the Royal Navy in World War II
Privately published by Author / Michael Auriol Buxton / For Family & Friends & Not for Sale 1988 Privately Printed First Edition Original Paperback Very Good 14.75 x 21cm Approx 
145 pages + 6 front, + signed card from Authors wife... Condition inside & out Very Good , clean & tight condition ( spine mint ). NO inscriptions etc.. with illustrations inc. author, photo as acting Sub/Lieutenant RNVR on HMS Birmingham c 1940 . .front cover is from an Oil painting of HMS Hood by Esmond Knight with white bow wash in foreground painted by The Prince of Wales.. Not priced, preface states his memories for our family & friends and generations to come. so printed & published in a very small number ?.. Michael Auriol Buxton born 4th Sept 1914 - died 1990 , Very rare paperback , at time of writing this, no other copy found for sale. + a signed post card from authors wife, gifting this book to a Mr. Hamilton in 1999. 
Price: 40.00 GBP
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15 Carver, Michael Carver (Field Marshal Lord Carver ) Harding of Petherton : Field Marshal
London Weidenfeld and Nicholson 1978 029777503 First Edition Hard Back Good 14.5 x 22cm Approx signed/dedicated + signed Letter
ix + 245 pages, signed & dedicated on title to Jim Slater? + Double sided signed personal letter to Dear Jim. Red binding Good, Dust Jacket cut and bits glued to inside & various bits of pages from newspapers. Contents good but with a few ink additions including putting complete names to just printed initials, etc. Acknowledged as one of the best 2nd World War biographies & written by a fellow Field Marshal who served with Harding . Contains good detailed information. The authors handwriting in letter is hard to decipher, but is to a friend. Poss another fellow Officer?Obituary from poss The Times with additions by owner including "I was at this stage, his D.A.Q.M.G." 
Price: 75.00 GBP
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16 Ch. Dejardin, Major Du Genie Etude Sur La Situation Geographique Politique & Militaire De La Belgique
Bruxelles E. Guyot 1878 Quarter -Leather 16 x 24cm Approx Signed by Author
signed ?, 156 + iv pages, deuxieme edition, Luxury quarter red leather binding by "H. Sele relieur Anvers" Very good clear gilt embossed title decoration to spine, very minor cover rubbing ... condition of contents Good/clear/tight (only foxing to endpapers) to front endpaper is a signed dedication to a M le Luit. Colonel Methuen ....... Berlin..... Lt. Colonel Dejardin 18 ... 1880 ( i am unable to read ) ,,, to rear is a pocket containing it's large folding coloured map approx 60 x 69cm in original condition ( NO tears etc) 
Price: 85.00 GBP
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17 Crane, Stephen The Red Badge of Courage (Episode of American Civel war)
London William Heinemann 1896 A Hard Back 
5 " x 7 1/2" Approx. The Pioneer series 1st uk edition was Nov 1895, 2nd was Jan 1896, 3/4/5 & this 6th were all published in Feb 1896..194 pages+7 at front inc colour pioneer edition page+16 pages of publishers ads at rear.Original Green binding is good .Contents NO major faults ,a little foxing to endpapers , 
Price: 50.00 GBP
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18 D. Abrantes, D. Belluno, D. Castiglione, D. Dantzic, P. Eckmuhl, D. Elchingen, D. Istrie, R. Naples, D. Reggio, D. Tarente, D. Trevise, D. Vicence, V.R. 2 Italie etc. etc. Les Bulletins François, Concernant La Guerre En Russie Pendant L'annee 1812
London Chez L. de Conchy, & De l'Imprimerie de Schulze et Dean, 1813 First Edition Unbound Poor 13 x 20.75cm Approx 
103 pages + Title page, lacks binding, Contents poor, reading copy. water staining throughout, edge wear, some minor inscriptions, some loss to last page & some minor text loss, etc. French Text. 
Price: 45.00 GBP
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19 Dawson & Edwards Captain Lionel Dawson and Lionel Edwards Sport in War, Illustrated by Lionel Edwards
London Collins 1936 Hard Back Very Good 25 x 31.5cm.approx 
98 pages, Green binding in good condition, gilt embossed title etc. to spine, with some sunning. Contents very good, clean & tight, no owner inscriptions. The sports of the field are illustrated by Lionel Edwards, with factual accounts from famous military leaders. Plates include Wellington on "Copenhagen"; Marlborough at Ramillies; Pig Sticking at Assaye; Coursing in the Peninsular; Tom Crane; Hunting at Salonika. This book is a heavy/ large book and may attract a higher postage charge outside UK. 
Price: 45.00 GBP
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20 DOORMAN, Chef Staf P.L.G. Doorman. Ontwerp - Voorschrift, Handgranaten No. 1505 ( Hand Grenade & How to Use , Detailed discription)
Holland BEVELHEBBER NEDERLANDSE STRIJDKRACHTEN , Aanschrijving Bevelhebber 1945 First Edition Original Paperback 12 x 18cm. Approx 
Dutch text. dated 11 Augustus 1945, 31 pages, original paperback covers green, black text. binding fair with some edge discoloration and owners signature to top. contents fair & clean, just some handling. contains various line illustrations. Rare Dutch wartime booklet on Hand grenades, the various designs, the designs showing the various parts & how to through etc. etc. 
Price: 25.00 GBP
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