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 Malcolm Books is an offshoot of    "Malcolm"

The Past

 the late 1960's opened a  short lease  junk/antique shop on Tottenham High Road, North London, Then a unit in Bath, Somerset. Later units at The Antique Supermarket off Oxford Street, then also Portobello Road, Camden Lock, a few other short lease shops, various units at Alfies Antique Market. Also fairs including Ardingley, Newark, Manchester, Glasgow, Bath and many more,

Then in 2000 moved to Norfolk. and also on ebay, but very rarely now, as in about 2009 I noticed on ebay there were too many forgeries, even reported a few ebayers who sold lots of forgeries, some of them a couple of times and explaining in detail how ebay could see by their photographic images they were not genuine, ebay just said they have very good feedbacks, and let them continue selling fakes & modern items as antique.

But for last 10 years i have moved over to mostly selling Books, Ephemera & Photographs. I am a member of The Ephemera Society & a regular at The London Photographic Fairs.

In the near future, we will be doing fewer Fairs, Just a few like the Long Melford Book fairs, Adams Antique Fair off Vincent Square Westminster/Victoria in London, Ephemera Society fairs in London & The London Photograph Fairs.

Since selling on the net from 2004 we have sold many items to institutions all around the world from the Royal Academy in London, National Trust properties, the National Trust for Scotland, Cambridge University Library, Birmingham University Library, Norwich Millenium Library (special collections), Norfolk Records Office, Canada, Austria, Australia & America etc.

Today and the Future

The Listed address is private, and therefore never open to the public, Only via the net or fairs, mostly in London.

At present there is stock in a number of places, some never been sorted, or put on sale, some items unseen for over 40 years. Some will be from part of my personal collections. Most of which I hope to sort through in the next 10 years (yes there is a lot), and the items suitable for this site will be put on sale here only.

This site will eventually be the only place to find a good representative of our stock. Photographs Ephemera, books, art & antiques.

The only items we can find are the items listed on this site, as all other stock is not catalogued and in boxes 99% can not be found. At present there are 1000's of Photographs sorted, only a very few are listed on Abebooks, and here under books, a few hundred are only taken in rotation to the 4 London Photograph Fairs. The same goes for sorted Ephemera, with only taken in rotation to the 6 Ephemera Society Fairs in London.

I hope this site to expand over time, and to represent a reasonable amount of stock by the end of 2015, with most new ephemera & Photographs put on the relevant pages on this site ONLY.

Sadly some of the very large items, like exhibition type photographs about a meter x a meter  ( 3 foot x 3 foot) or some manuscript items which cannot be legally exported ( like a 1750s court roll/document), will only be sold by arrangement within the UK.

Generally we do not buy from the net, But will still buy a few things from Auctions as a lot of the time they miss and do not catalogue the obscure rare and unique items, that come unsorted from estates & institutions that we wish to put on this site. ( i.e. a “box of ephemera some photo's” that included an album of original CDV/album photographs of Native American Indians).

Now we will try to find mostly rare and unique, items for this site, including original art,  Ephemera, Photographs, Manuscript items and books, printed books, Documents and books with original photographs.  like some of the unique items on sale now that no other dealer has for sale.



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